Saturday, October 22, 2016

Rust approach to tests

About nine months ago, I started to hear good things about a new language called Rust. It really gain traction for me when I read a blog post by Gregely Imreh (@imrehg) who wrote about it as his language of the month. The two things that I read about Rust are that it is fast and it is safe. Both designed from the outset with these two items in mind. For a system level language, this is great!

I started reading the rust docs and was pleasantly surprise that unit test is a built in design feature of language. I was really surprise at this. The thing with most languages, unit test is an add on feature that is implemented by another vendor, or another group. Look at C, apart from the fact that its behavior is sometimes unpredictable, a unit test framework is not even defined. You will have to use cmocka, or Unity or one of the other many C test frameworks. Same with python, php, Java etc.

All the details about testing on Rust are show in this chapter in this book.
The more I read about Rust, it strikes me the designers are seasoned C language developers, suffered through many projects with the deficiency of C, and setup to design a language with those deficiency out of the language. Rust is looking really good as a replacement for C or C++.

I am writing a Guide to Successful Unit Tests.
You can get it here at Leanpub. or here at Gumroad. and read about these topics and more.

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