Saturday, October 22, 2016

cmocka and cmake

I am using cmocka as the unit test framework to illustrate the concepts used in my book “a Guide to Success Unit Tests”.

cmocka relies on cmake build system to help it build the cmocka dynamic library as well as the test scripts into executables. So cmake will have to be installed as well as cmocka for it work correctly.

cmake can be downloaded from
cmocka can be downloaded from

The I am using a MacOS computer, so my references are from using that computer.

Installing CMake

When installing cmake, many different packaging versions can be downloaded. Since my computer is a MacOS, I downloaded the .dmg package. After I have extracted and installed it, I added it path the cmake executable.

export PATH=/Applications/$PATH

I test that it can find it by getting it to report is version number.

localhost:~ tehnyitchin$ ccmake --version
ccmake version 3.3.0

CMake suite maintained and supported by Kitware (
localhost:~ tehnyitchin$

Checking cmocka is working

Once you have downloaded cmocka and unpacked it, you can test if the cmake and cmocka are going to work correctly. The file README has the correct instructions. In the example below, I have unzipped cmocka into a directory called cmocka.

cd cmocka
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../.

After the build, the test binaries are in subdirectory example. Executing one of the test binaries will execute the test scripts. Below is a execution of simple_test

localhost:example tehnyitchin$ ./simple_test
[==========] Running 1 test(s).
[ RUN ] null_test_success
[ OK ] null_test_success
[==========] 1 test(s) run.
[ PASSED ] 1 test(s).
localhost:example tehnyitchin$

I am writing a Guide to Successful Unit Tests, you can get it here at Leanpub

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